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The Verona XL
  • Even better than the TAS 2000 Golden Ear Award winning Verona
  • 2 Stage, zero-feedback, pure Class A circuit
  • 845 Single-ended triode output
  • 845 or 211 user-selectable tube rectification
  • Vastly superior transformers to what is usually commercially available

Approaching the sonic performance of the amazing Aurora T with slightly less power and at a more affordable price, the Verona XL monoblocks are the evolution of the original Verona amplifier that received the 2000 Golden Ear Award in The Absolute Sound magazine .
The circuit comprises only two zero-feedback, single-ended class A stages, in order to have the shortest signal path. Inside these monoblocks there are no printed circuit boards. Rather, as in all of their products, Viva employs strictly point-to-point, hand-soldered wiring of all components. Yes, this very labor-intensive process is not inexpensive, but it is the only way to achieve the quality of music reproduction that Viva has become known for worldwide.
The power tube is the 845 direct heated tube while two 845 (or 211) power triodes are utilized as rectifiers, in order to deliver the energy in the fastest way. Tube rectification for high-voltage, high current triodes was not considered practical, as generally available rectifier tubes could not withstand the voltages and currents required by high-power SET circuits. Then, the designer Amedeo Schembri came upon the elegant solution of using the same tubes wired as rectifiers that were being used as output tubes...and voila...Magic...Music...with the power and authority of the live event, unlike any other SET made. Again, Schembri melds art and science to achieve a very special result:

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