. . . deep into the music.

The Solista
  • Direct heated triodes
  • Single-ended 845 output
  • Zero feedback
  • Pure Class A
  • Point-to-point handwired
  • Remote volume control
  • Direct amplifier input
  • Buffered auxiliary pre-out
  • Massive custom transformers
  • User selectable 211 or 845 rectification

The Solista, with its same 845 output tubes and tube rectification as the Aurora, and a preamp section based on the same amazing 6c45 tube that forms the heart of the spectacular Linea 45 preamp, delivers incredible bang-for-the-buck. Try to find any high-end linestage or amplifier at this price that can deliver the performance of the Solista, let alone do both for one price. Designer Amedeo Schembri is single-handedly challenging previous beliefs that the integrated amplifier must necessarily be inferior to separates. Again, through careful implementation of power supply design, combined with brilliantly creative, yet simple circuit topologies that employ only the finest, carefully selected components, Schembri has re-written the book on what is possible from a single chassis. This amplifier, which features remote volume control, delivers the heart and soul of the music like no other integrated amplifier in the world. The familiar Viva sound, which is both liquid, yet extended in both frequency extremes, brings all the power, impact and control of the big high-end contenders. Not for a moment, though, does it sacrifice the delicacy, emotion and sheer musicality, that, otherwise, only live music is able to evoke. Viva's top-of-the-line integrated is becoming famous at audio shows for making speakers "sound better than ever..." combining power and finesse to create a musical experience that can only be surpassed by Viva's own large monoblocks via the Linea 45 linestage.

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