. . . deep into the music.

The Linea 45
  • Single tube gain stage
  • Super low-noise
  • Transformer-coupled output
  • Remote motor-driven volume control
  • Buffered auxilliary output for subwoofer
  • Direct "hot-rod" input: bypasses selector switch for the absolute purist
  • Optional 300B power supply

Based on the new russian 6c45 dual-triode, the new Linea 45 linestage brings unparalleled musical impact to any system, compared to other linestages costing sometimes several times as much. Besides the "hot-rod" purist amenities that even allow the no-comprimise, single-source user to bypass the selector switch, the Linea 45 also offers a motor-driven remote volume control, for those wishing for more convenience without sacrificing sound quality with digital volume pots. There is also a second, volume-ganged, gain-adjustable, buffered output, for use with a subwoofer. The Linea 45 avoids the degradation introduced by the usual output capacitors, by employing an extremely high-quality output/coupling transformer, designed with special core materials. This also allows the use of long interconnects, if necessary, without any degradation in signal quality. Most noticeable are the unit's exceptional dynamic capabilities. At both micro- and macro-levels, dynamic shadings and headroom seem limitless. Deep, tight, accurate bass combines with a transparent and liquid midrange and a sense of openness and lack of compression in the upper-frequencies that few others can even approach. More than anything else, though, the Linea 45 gets out of the way of the music and lets you feel the emotion of the composer and the performance.

Linea 2A3 Power Supply

This thing is bigger and heavier than many tube power amps! Taking the amazing Linea 45 to an even higher level, the 2A3-rectified power supply uses specially manufactured power transformers, for which Viva utilizes higher quality core materials than most commercially available tube manufacturers use even in their very best output transformers, the power supply delivers fast, clean and generous energy to the very special pre-amplification circuit of the Linea 45.

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