. . . deep into the music.

The Aurora T
  • Single Ended 36W Power Amplifier
  • Directly Heated Triodes
  • Zero Negative Feedback
  • Pure Class A Operation
  • High-Current, High-Voltage Tube Rectification

The absolute pinnacle of Viva design and performance. The new Aurora T, Viva's ultimate statement in amplification, brings science and art together in a seamless glowing blend. While these massive monoblocks deliver unheard-of power and control from their single 845 power tubes, where not a single musical detail is absent, what the listener will experience is the emotion and energy of the live event.

Combining the undeniable musical superiority of tubes with circuit designs that are both simple, yet radically creative and modern in their elegant solutions to age-old engineering problems, Viva makes no comprimises in this design. Viva carefully selects each and every component; each wire, each resistor and every capacitor in this point-to-point, handwired masterpiece, only after many research hours and careful comparative listening.

Difficult speaker loads and complex music materials tax the abilities of common single ended amplifiers.
Viva overcomes these obstacles by providing a very stiff, but fast power supply that responds effortlessly to the most demanding music, even if your speakers are not typically friendly to single ended amplifiers.

The Aurora power supply begins with Viva's proprietary custom-wound mains and filament transformers. Two directly-heated triode tubes perform the rectification for the 845 power tube. This configuration allows the characteristics of musical purity (offered only by directly heated triodes) to be maintained throughout the amplification chain. Mil-spec paper-in-oil filter capacitors and precision wirewound resistors ensure reliability and correct balance.

Simplifying the input stage to the utmost, Viva employs a very high quality input transformer in the Aurora. This allows for a pure single-ended input as well as a true fully-balanced input to match with most preamplifiers.
As with all Viva electronics, the Aurora is available in many colors of the rainbow.


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