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New Phoenix:
Rising above the price/performance curve.


Employing many of the lessons learned during the development of the legendary Orpheus cartridge, Immutable Music introduced the Phoenix. The performance leap, when compared with the Spirit Mk. 3 is similar to that experienced between the Orpheus and the Temper series. In fact, in the areas of transparency and resolution, the Phoenix even challenges the Tempers, which cost nearly twice as much. Germany's Stereoplay magazine has ranked the new Phoenix in its "Absolute Spitzenklasse," the absolute top class, along with a very few great cartridges, including the Orpheus and the Lyra Titan I, all of which cost far more than its price suggests..

In the course of developing a replacement for the Orpheus L, the research and development process enabled a tremendous improvement to the original Phoenix design. The New Phoenix brings an exciting, full-bodied sound with tremendous rhythm and bass impact. With a sparkle on top that never sounds too hot, it may be the perfect cartridge for jazz and classical music lovers, while it rocks with the best of them. In fact, the New Phoenix surpasses the Orpheus L in several areas, including musically relevant resolution, transparency, macro-dynamics and bass power. The double-ring-magnet construction ensures the usual Transfiguration musical coherence and phase-linearity, which presents a seamless view into the musical performance. The Phoenix delivers performance at its price-point that was unachievable by any cartridge at any price, even just a few years ago.

Just as the Proteus advances the absolute state-of-the-art in what is possible with a phono cartridge in terms of musically natural reproduction of the analog LP, the New Phoenix re-defines what is possible in its price class (and considerably far above it). The Phoenix is the new price/performance leader in the areas of transparency, timbre, bass-impact and articulation...oh, yes, and in the all important JPF factor (Just Plain Fun).

The huge gains in musical performance by both the Phoenix and the Proteus over cartridges already recognized as world-leaders in their respective price ranges is both gratifying and encouraging at a time when analog playback seems stronger and more healthy than ever, at a time when digital playback seems almost in search of an identity. At a time when the average listener to digital (the ubiquitous ipod listener) is accepting a significant reduction in sound quality from even redbook CD, LP lovers are discovering new worlds in the same old grooves they have been listening to for over half a century.

We are very grateful to Mr. Yoshioka and the other pioneers of the new analog era, for bringing us closer to the emotion and experience of live music than we dreamed possible a few years back, when reports of the death of analog circulated...apparently, prematurely…

New Phoenix - Specifications

design: Yokeless double-ring magnet musically natural MC cartridge


body: aluminium, resonance controlled
cantilever: 0.3mm diameter solid boron
stylus: PA (3 x 30µm), solid diamond
core/coils: ultra-high-grade square core with pure silver coils
magnet: neodymium (front and rear)
weight: 7.8g


output voltage: 0.4mV (3.54cm/sec, 1kHz)
internal impedance: 2 ohms
frequency response: 10Hz - 20kHz +1.5dB / 20Hz - 40kHz +2dB
channel seperation: > 27dB, 200Hz - 1kHz
channel balance: < 0.5dB, 1kHz


tracking ability: > 70
µm at 315Hz at the tracking force of 2g
dynamic compliance: 12 x 10 to the minus 6cm/dyne

set up instructions

recommended loading: > 10 ohms
recommend’ tracking force: 2.0 g
optimum working temp’: 23º celsius
break in period: min. 40 hours

Technical details

1. Push pull damping

A special compound has newly been meticulously designed and fabricated to provide total stylus/coil alignment and control. It's non-sensitivity to temperature change keeps the damping coefficient stable and improbes tracing accuracy.

2. Twin coils on the cantilever fulcrum

Minimises dynamic mass and mechanical impedance, enabling instant, accurate reaction to every groove detail, including the ability to handle massive transients without overshoot or break-up.

3. Special alloy core for coil assembly

This increases sensitivity by 30dB, improves signal to noise ratio eliminating a usual source of distortion.

4. Neodymium magnet

Thanks to the much higher induced magnetism of the neodymium magnet in the rear of the double ring magnets, the coil-turns of the generator have been reduced. It is very helpful to reduce the internal impedance to 2ohms, which contributes to the improvement in the solidarity with transparency.

5. Low mass tip

Ogura PA (3 x 30µm) tip shares many of the advantages of the flagship MC cartridge "The Proteus". Its function is to reproduce the character of the original recorded sound - not add or subtract its own deficiences.

6. Anti-resonance cartridge body

The solid cartridge body utilizes both shape and material to create a totally inert environment for the electromagnetic elements. These elements are more effectively insulated from arm, turntable and tracing noises, further reducing any tonal coloration of the music and lessening the illusion of distracting mechanical noises.




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