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Heed Audio ORBIT
Turntable Power Supply

The speed accuracy and stability of many belt drive turntables driven by a synchronous motor depends entirely upon the quality/consistency of frequency delivered by the domestic mains supply. However, mains frequency at 60Hz leaves much to be desired since it is subject to fluctuation, distortion, and other innumerable problems prior to reaching your listening room.
The Heed ORBIT 1 off-board turntable power supply offers a sophisticated solution to stabilize and improve any 4-pole, 60Hz, 110V syncronous motor drive, elevating your deck's sonic performance to startling new levels of musicality.
The ORBIT was originally designed to compliment the Linn Sondek LP12 as an affordable alternative to Linn's top-of-the-line LP12/Lingo combination. Even more excitingly, the ORBITs can be the ideal partner for the vast majority or Rega turntables (Planars 2&3, P2, P3, P25), their OEM derivatives as marketed by the likes of NAD and Goldring, and various models offered by Nottingham Analogue, Thorens, Manticore, and Kuzma to name just a few. That's more than a half-million turntables out there just begging for improvement!

The ORBIT 1 for the US market brings the convenience of genuine Plug N' Play compatibility (no modification necessary) for any deck equipped with a 4-pole, 110V synchronous motor.

The Orbit 1 regulates your turntable's motor drive via an intricate quadrature-quartz speed generator, providing unsurpassed speed accuracy and pitch stability. Packed into their hefty shielded steel casework (protecting the units from electromagnetic interference and vibration) are two mains-filtering transformers, and a high-current amplification circuit to assure that the power passed onto your motor is silky-smooth and constant, with no fluctuation and virtually immesurable distortion.
All told, the resulting sonic performance is previously unknown in this price category. Backgrounds become "blacker", bass gains added depth, and the overall soundstage widens accordingly. In fact, until the introduction of the ORBITs, we might only have expected to achieve such levels of grip, authority, and musicality with high-end turntables costing several times as much as, say, a Rega P3.
Germany's leading high-end magazine, Image Hifi writes:
"...That is where the external power supply designed by Heed Audio catapults the Planar 3 to. Just like the Lingo with the Sondek, this Hungaro-Blackbox lifts the Rega into a higher league - although, and this is the subtle difference, it does it for 1/5 of the price of a Lingo... This external power supply will develop into a dangerously piquant option: audiophile Viagra for the Planar 3 and a challenge to all the higher-ranking Rega record decks at the same time."

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