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Heed Audio LUNA
Preamplifier with Volume RC


Equipped with only two inputs and a simple remote control facility for adjusting volume, this high-level preamplifier may be spartan but, as far as sound quality and matching capability are concerned, it meets the highest audiophile standards.
The concept of the LUNA is based on an amplification stage not unlike an IC but built as a discrete circuit. This "op-amp block" designed by us delivers specifications (S/N: 123 dB, Headroom: >40 dB, frequency range: 0-1 MHz) which cannot be achieved by ICs. A motorised and therefore remote-controllable Blue-Alps volume pot is used to adjust gain. Due to its two-stage configuration, inputs and outputs are completely separated which ensures a stable sound regardless of volume setting. Its output is powerful enough to drive high capacity cables even over long runs of up to 100 metres!
It goes without saying that such an ambitious application deserves an external power supply, such as our award-winning Quasar phonostage.
Technical specifications
Input sensitivity/impedance: 250 mV/10 kOhm
Output voltage/impedance: 0.775 mV/10 Ohm
Gain: 10 dB
Signal/noise ratio (unweighted): 100 dB
Headroom 26 dB
Frequency range (with filter): 5 Hz-50 kHz (±0,5 dB)

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