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Heed Audio - Extreme Musical Value from Hungary

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Quasar Phonostage
Luna Linestage
Canopus Monoblock Amplifiers
Orbit 1 Turntable Power Supply
Canamp Headphone Amplifier

Heed Audio is one of our greatest discoveries of the past several years. While cost-no-object. handwired esoteric products are as desirable as the Ferrari Enzo, the closest many of us will get to owning them is the picture in a magazine. However, finding real high-end performance at real-world prices is a far more challenging proposition. On a trip to the Frankfurt High-End show, we think we found just such a company. Quickly becoming the not-so-secret-anymore favorite of European music lovers, Heed audio has been taking Europe by storm, first with their "black-box" range of separates, garnering highest praise from HiFi+ and Germany's top publication, Image Hifi. From their very affordable Orbit power supplies for Rega Turntables, to their stunning Quasar phonostage, Heed has become the underground darling of analog lovers everywhere. With their new version of the Obelisk integrated amp, Heed stand poised to assume the crown for all-out best British-style affordable integrated amp.

The driving forces behind Heed Audio are the brothers Zsolt and Alpar HusztI. While Alpar handles the business and marketing side, Zsolt designs some of the most elegant, simple and musical solid-state electronics on the planet. Having worked with the great British design pioneer Richard Hay of the famed Ion Systems, Zsolt finds original solutions to cost-engineering issues, in order to produce a line of electronics that simply cannot be beat on a dollar-for-dollar basis. And now, his new Nexus-class amplifiers are posing a serious challenge to cost-no-object designs from the U.S. and Europe.

So, drop in at your nearest Heed Audio dealer and listen for yourself. You will find it hard to make objective comparisons to other products, because your head will be bobbing and your feet tapping and you will be lost in the music...no comparison.

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