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Transfiguration: The Proteus has arrived! After two years of development the new flagship of the Transfiguration line is finally here. While topping the jaw-dropping performance of the new Phoenix may have almost felt superfluous from the standpoint of musical communication, the Proteus truly moves beyond the bounds of what we had considered possible from an LP. While many of the very best cartridges can claim astounding resolution, the Proteus resolves in a way that is only, ever, musically relevant. When you hear those micro-trills in Ella Fitzgerald's amazing voice that you have never heard before, presented naturally, as if she were singing just for you, you will get the shivers...

The new Phoenix and Axia cartridges truly re-define what is possible at their more affordable price-levels. The new Phoenix had already surpassed the legendary Orpheus L in many areas, and the new Axia moves past the original Phoenix.

Trenner & Friedl: On the heels of the Pharoah, comes the new Isis, the new "real-world" flagship (their Duke is in another world altogether). Isis actually brings you very close to the magic of Duke at 1/7th the price. Cutting edge research and development...this is why the $175,000 Duke exists (that, and simply to build the world's greatest loudspeaker...). The technology learned and deployed in Duke is well-evident in Isis, as is the magic in the music that flows into the room...

Viva Audio Devices, one of the world's great manufacturer's of amplification devices, has finally unveiled their new DAC, which brings digital a big step closer to the best analog.

Heed Audio from Hungary has been very busy the past few years, coming up with new designs every year to fill out their Obelisk series, which provides unparalleled musicality and value. Their latest is the new Digital PRE, which combines their great DA and PRE, improved further with the separate PX power supply and their newest DAC circuit. In the works still, a new Obelisk phono stage...can't wait.


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Trenner & Friedl Isis

Transfiguration Proteus


Profundo specializes in communicating the emotion you experience hearing your favorite musician's live, in-concert. The audio products ("music machines..." as Amedeo Schembri, designer for Viva Audio, calls them...) we distribute all have a natural musicality and organic flow that draws the listener into the performance. Be it the $1850 Heed Obelisk Si, or the cost-no-object Viva Audio Linea linestage and Aurora Monoblocks, the top priority of the designers of the products we import is to re-create a musical experience that can reach out and grab you by the heart. The first thing you think when you hear one of these systems will not be thinking at all...it will be a feeling, an inner swing and maybe even the urge to dance.

Yes, we prefer the analog experience of a Transfiguration cartridge on a great turntable, caressing the music from the grooves of a well-recorded LP, preamplified by the glorious Viva Fono, or the world-beating value-leader Heed Quasar, but we won't avoid a great performance that is available only in a digital format. The new Heed digital products feel like good analog and the new Viva DAC with onboard transport can literally make you forget you are not listening to your beloved LP's.

All these wonderful sources of music can only bloom to life through a great loudspeaker. In Trenner & Friedl, the hand-crafted marvels from Austria, we think we have found that magical last step to "feeling" the music, as if the performer has come to life in your living room, smiling, and tells you it's ok to have fun, to dance, if there's room...

Some of these names may seem new to american ears as we have looked all over Europe and Asia to find them, but, soon, they will be familiar like Lamborghini, Maserati, or Bugatti...you won't hear them every day, but when you do, you will know something special has happened.



Importer and U.S. distributor for the world's finest high-end audio equipment: Transfiguration cartridges, VivA electronics, Silent Source Cables, Heed electronics, Trenner & Friedl loudspeakers.

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Come see us at T.H.E. Show Newport 2014: Atrium 230, Atrium 232


Hear the world premier of the new Trenner & Friedl RA Loudspeaker and the new Viva Audio DAC and CD Player, as well as the new Transfiguration Proteus phono cartridge in Atrium 232

In Atrium 230 the Trenner & Friedl Pharoah loudspeakerwill be powered by the new Heed Thesis electronics. This will be the active world premier for these stunning new components. You will not believe so much music is available for such a value.

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